Online Reservations

We accept reservations through our website.

You can make reservations and check for vacancies online. While not required, our voluntary member registration will make your next reservation even more smooth. You will also be able to use our member's page, so we recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. (Registration is free.)

Reservation Process

  • STEP1Select an accommodation plan or room type.
  • STEP2Click the day you wish to stay on the calendar (* or number).
  • STEP3Select the number of guests. Click " Next" to confirm your selection.
  • STEP4Members should enter their login ID and password. Non-members click "Go to the Reservation Screen."
  • STEP5After entering the required information, click "Next." Your registration is complete after you make your final confirmation and click "Make Reservation."

Membership Registration Process

  • STEP1Enter your e-mail address into the Membership Registration URL form.
  • STEP2Click "Go to the Confirmation Screen" after entering the required information. After confirming your information, click "Register" to complete your registration.
  • STEP3An e-mail confirming your registration should arrive within several minutes. You will then be able to register with your selected login ID and password.

Cancellation Process

  • STEP1Enter your registration number and associated e-mail address and click "Bring Up My Registration Information"
  • STEP2The details of your reservations will be displayed. Click "Cancel my Registration"
  • STEP3If adding a confirmation e-mail address, enter the e-mail address in the Designate a Contact form and click "Cancel Registration."

About Member's Page

The following features can be utilized from "My Page."
Confirm Registration Details / Cancel Registration / Modify or Delete your Membership Information

ID/Password Help

If you have forgotten your login ID or password, login assistance is available.
You will be prompted to enter your telephone number and e-mail address. Your login ID and password will then be sent to the associated e-mail address.

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